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Well In Hand Therapy Oil Cobalt - 2 oz

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Joint support and muscle soother. Extremely effective for itching. 100% genuinely natural comfort. Pleasing aroma. Non-greasy. Non-staining. Highly concentrated Herbal Aromatherapy.

Therapy Oil is a soothing, nourishing blend of natural and organic herbs and essential oils for pain, inflammation, skin irritation, and everyday massage. Since 1994, Therapy Oil has been acclaimed as a multipurpose oil to relieve pain, swelling, skin irritation, and stiffness. Our non-staining, non-greasy, highly concentrated formula has a soothing herbal aroma and is designed for instant action without that menthol-medicinal smell. Because what we put on our skin matters, our formula is 100% natural and certified vegan.

Our luxurious blend of soothing, anti-inflammatory herbs and essential oils make Therapy Oil incredibly versatile for chronic and acute skin conditions, pain, and stiffness.
Midwives hail Therapy Oil for swollen ankles, labor pain, and its beneficial effects in new baby massage. It's also a completely safe and effective balm for diaper rash!
The aromatherapy benefits of essential oils make Therapy Oil a very calming blend. To relax at bedtime (or any time of day!), rub Therapy Oil into your palms, temples, wrists, and forehead and breathe deeply.

Therapy Oil is great for pets, too. You woudn't put chemical ingredients on your own skin, so why should you use them on your pet? Therapy Oil is perfect for hot spots, scrapes, and itching.

Linda Doby, our herbalist and company founder, developed our Therapy Oil formula out of sheer desperation when severe tendinitis rendered her wrist useless. When the pain disappeared after just a few days, Linda knew she was on to something and she began sharing her blend with family and friends. Shortly after, in 1994 Therapy Oil was judged "Outstanding" and awarded Grand Prize by master herbalists at the 2nd International Herb Symposium. We still use the exact same formula today.  

Handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness, Wellinhand Therapy Oil contains powerful, nourishing organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Every ingredient is active: Arnica, Calendula, Betula, Ho Shou Wu, and pure essential oils are carefully blended in a soothing base of St. John's Wort Flower Oil, Olive, and Sweet Almond Oils. Every batch takes nearly a year to complete. Therapy Oil contains no fillers or synthetic ingredients - just natural and organic oils, herbal infusions, and the purest essential oils.

Directions For general aches, pains, and skin irritations, apply a generous amount of Therapy Oil to the affected area and massage gently until absorbed. Reapply as needed. As a bath oil, apply a capful of Therapy Oil to bath water.

Therapy Oil Ingredients: St. John's Wort, Arnica and Calendula Flower Oils, Betula, Vitamin E, Pure Essential Oils of Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, Lavender and others in Sweet Almond and Olive Oils, non-greasy concentrate.

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