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Umeken β-GLUCAN BALL - Small - 15 Packets

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Eat more mushrooms to increase the number of your NK Cells!

To increase your NK cells, serve mushroom dishes on the table! The researchers in Tufts University in Massachusetts have recently shown the proof that mushrooms has antiviral and immunity boosting effects.

The beta glucan in mushroom produces cytokine that helps increase of NK cell generation. In the recent research result from the collaboration of JeollaNamdo Forest Resource Research Center and Chosun University’s Biochemical Engineering Department, the cauliflower mushroom has shown that it has the ability to destroy cancer cells almost as efficiently as existing anti-cancer medicines.

Because the content of beta glucan in cauliflower mushroom is so high, simply eating it seems to result anti-cancer effect; through animal cell tests, it shows anti-cancer effects against stomach, liver, and lung cancers. Anti-cancer effect of Beta Glucan: According to the research result presented by American Cancer Society, after 5 days of administrating beta glucan to patients of skin cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer, in all patients, it was observed that the size of tumors were decreased and cancer cells were destroyed.

Beta glucan could also enhance the effects of existing anti-cancer medicines and antibiotics. When beta glucan stimulates macrophages, their (macrophages) ability to detect cancer cells is increased. When it is used with regular anti-cancer medicines, beta glucan could also enhance the effect of those medicines.

In addition, when a surgery patient is prescribed with antibiotics for preventing secondary bacterial infections, beta glucan could greatly enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics. Beta glucan could protect the cancer patient from the harmful effect of radiation as well. There was a test that exposing white mice to almost fatal amount of radiation; the mice treated with beta glucan survived longer while the mice without beta glucan treatment all died.

Key Points

• Beta Glucan extracted from 9 finest mushrooms (Reishi, Rokkaku Reishi , Cordyceps Militaris, Phellinus Linteus, Cauliflower mushroom, Pine mushroom, Maitake, Chaga, and Agaricus) • Help protect your immune system with NK cells, a type of white blood cells that works as a natural guard to protect your body. • Powerful adjuvant to anti-cancer activity and regulating blood pressure, blood sugar level, and cholesterol.

Umeken Beta Glucan!

Most Beta Glucan products are made from yeast extracts or grains, cultured from bacteria or extracts from a few mushrooms. Umeken Beta Glucan is superior to other products as it is an extract from 9 finest mushrooms combined with two yeast extract.

What is Beta Glucan?

Beta Glucan is called a diamond within mushrooms. This wondrous food extract is found in mushrooms, the walls of yeast cells, and in grains. Beta glucan helps in enhancing your immune system and also is an effective way to lower cholesterol. With its many health benefits Beta glucan have been receiving noteworthy attention from health/medical experts.

Beta Glucan assists in increasing NK cells – our natural bodyguard.

Natural killer cells, also known as NK cells, are a type of white blood cells. NK cells are known to attack virus infected cells and/or cancer cells by attaching itself to such cells and create a hole on the cell membranes until it finally disappears.

What are some benefits of Beta Glucan?

1. A powerful adjuvant to anti-cancer activities. 2. Enhancing your immune system 3. Assist in reducing free radicals from our body 4. Help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels 5. Effective way to lower cholesterol 6. Natural antibiotic


Take 1 packet daily/15 days supply

Ingredients Beta Glucan extracted from 9 finest mushrooms (Reishi, Rokkaku Reishi , Cordyceps Militaris, Phellinus Linteus, Cauliflower mushroom, Pine mushroom, Maitake, Chaga, and Agaricus)

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