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Sharkies Organic Energy Sports Chews, Mixed Berry - 1.58 Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) (out of stock)

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A handful of Sharkies is an easy and delicious way to give your body what it needs for optimal performance. Our fruit snacks are packed with real fruit juice, whole grains, and carbohydrates for sustained energy that lasts. Sharkies naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes replace those lost during vigorous activities like running, cycling, hiking, soccer, or snowboarding. Or just enjoy them as a healthy snack. Set no limits to your goals and reach them with a bag of Sharkies, the natural organic way.

The people behind Auburn, Calif.-based Sharkies want the best for their bodies and minds and they believe you do, too! "Our goal is to provide healthy, great tasting snacks that fit an active lifestyle." Why Sharkies?

What are naturally occuring electrolytes? The naturally occurring electrolytes in Sharkies¨ come from the potassium in the fruit juice and the sodium in the rice and water. These are not the commercial electrolytes currently used in most products claiming to have electrolytes. The source of most of those electrolytes is sodium citrate and potassium phosphate. This makes them commercially processed and generally low quality.

Isn't Sharkies just a candy product? Although children can and will consume Sharkies as a "better for you" candy, none of the sugars in Sharkies are refined and half the product is rice syrup giving it complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. This added to the simple sugars from the fruit and organic cane make Sharkies a functional, healthy alternative to candy. Unlike candy, Sharkies doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, or further refined sugar.

What's the difference between Sharkies and gummy bears? No gelatin and no refined sugars are found in Sharkies. Complex carbohydrates make up half of the ingredients, which keep children and athletes from "sugar crashing" and sustains energy.

Why are they called organic energy fruit chews? The grape juice, which is a simple sugar, offers a quick burst of energy and the brown rice syrup is a complex carbohydrate, which offers longer sustained energy. The electrolytes allow for the absorption of water in the cells and keep your body hydrated.

What is a black carrot? It's really more of a dark purple color but called a black carrot. It is the raw material of turnip salgum juice a natural color used in Sharkies.

The naturally occurring electrolytes in Sharkies¨ come from the potassium in the fruit juice and the sodium in the rice and water

Ingredients Organic Rice Syrup, Organic Rice Syrup Solids, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic White Grape Juice Concentrate, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Colors Added (Including Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Grape Skin Liquid), Carnauba Wax

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