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Primal Force - Ultra Greens - 8.8 oz

Get the Nutrient Power of 9 Pounds of Assorted Veggies... Now with Nutriose® for Better Absorption! Dr. Sears' original Ultra Greens formula delivers the nutrients you're missing from your diet and drags deadly toxins right out of your body... Now his NEW formula is even better, thanks to the patented soluble fiber Nutriose® This unique type of fiber improves the absorption of Ultra Greens powerful "super foods."

By ramping up energy to your cells, Nutriose® multiplies Ultra Green's healing and detoxifying power. Nutriose® is clinically proven to enhance mineral absorption and promote the growth of "friendly bacteria." These are the "good guys" that improve your digestion and help you keep your GI tract clean and healthy. Just 2 teaspoons of Ultra Greens a day feeds every cell in your body and helps eliminate the toxins hiding in your blood, tissues and organs.

Just 2 teaspoons of Ultra Greens a day feeds every cell in your body and helps eliminate the toxins hiding in your blood, tissues and organs

Ingredients Soluble wheat fiber 4 g? Organic Alfalfa leaf powder 425 mg**, Organic Barley Grass powder 425 mg**, Organic Wheat Grass powder 425 mg**, Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) micro-algae powder 345 mg**?, Apple Pectin powder 245 mg**, Brown Rice Bran powder 235 mg**, Chlorella microalgae powder 230 mg**, Flax Organic seed powder 230 mg**, Barley Malt (sprouted) powder 115 mg**, Lecithin powder 115 mg**, Pineapple fruit powder 100 mg**, Kamut Grass (Triticum turgidum ssp.) powder 90 mg**, Oat Grass powder 90 mg**, Organic Rye Grass powder 90 mg**, Spinach leaf powder 65 mg**, Dulse (Palmaria palmata) frond granules 60 mg**, Parsley leaf powder 50 mg**, FOS (fructooligosaccharides) 50 mg**, Bee Pollen powder 45 mg**, Beet Juice powder 40 mg**, Ecklonia (Ecklonia lamonaria) frond powder 30 mg**, Sea Whistle (Ascophyllum nodosum) frond powder 30 mg**, Eleuthero root powder 30 mg**, Grape Skin extract 25 mg**, Astragalus root powder 20 mg**, Broccoli florets powder 20 mg**, Green Tea leaf powder 20 mg**, Milk Thistle seed powder 20 mg**, Schisandra berry powder 20 mg**, Acerola Berry juice powder 20 mg**, Licorice root powder 20 mg**, Kelp (Pacific) frond powder 20 mg**, Macrocystis frond powder 20 mg**, Alaria (Alaria esculenta) frond powder 15 mg**, Royal Jelly powder 10 mg**, Ginkgo biloba leaf powder 10 mg**, Ginger root powder 5 mg**, Stevia leaf extract 5 mg**, Aloe Vera leaf powder 5 mg**, Peppermint leaf powder 5 mg**, Rhubarb Juice powder 5 mg**, Bilberry leaf powder 5 mg**. Other Ingredients: Silica. Contains soy.

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