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Pacific Dry Goods - Ecotowl, 2 towel

The EcoTowl is made from 100% Viscose, a natural fabric made of fibers harvested from threes grown in sustainable forests. The production process is a model of ecological management, winning awards from the World Wildlife Fund and earning the European Eco-Label. EcoTowl quickly absorbs over 10 times its weight in liquid, is easy to wring out and works wet or dry! This "green kitchen" necessity greatly reduces your use of expensive disposable wipes, petrochemical microfibers, and paper towels while you reduce waste!

Save Paper!

  • Reduce Waste!
  • Remarkable Reusable Cloth
  • Super Absorbent & Drip Free

Remarkable Reusable Cloth

The EcoTowl is made from 100% Viscose

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