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Organic Essence - Pure Organics Shea Butter Cream - 4 oz

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Pure Organic Shea Cream is a natural cold pressed oil from the african karite nut. It is well known for promoting capillary circulation and is considered to be a superior healer and rejuvenator for troubled, dry or aging skin. Pure Organic Shea Cream can be applied on your lips or on any dry area of skin.

Use twice daily to help soften calluses and condition cuticles.Organic Essence Pure Organic Shea Butter is naturally fragrance free. Organic Essence Pure Organic Shea Butters benefit is mainly derived from its high content of non-saponifiable fatty acids (stearic and loeic acid).

These fatty acids aid in maintaining the skin's moisture and elasticity. No solvents or chemicals are used in the production of the shea butter which therefore uphold its high purity standards with added baby safe properties. Beneficial as an awesome overall body moisturizer. or use on specific dry patches. It's very concentrated, use sparingly.

Can be applied directly on your lips or and dry area of skin. Use twice daily to help soften calluses and condition cuticles. Place a pea sized amount in the palm of your hand. Clasp hands together for a few seconds, allowing for your body warmth to slowly melt the shea butter. Gently rub onto your skin in a circular motion.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (Certified Organic Shea Butter). No artificial colors, preservatives, parabens or animal testing.

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