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Naturally It's Clean Floor Cleaner - 24 Ounce (Pack of 6)

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Safely cleans and deodorizes all hard surface floors including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, marble and all natural stone, vinyl, cork, bamboo, linoleum, concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, and brick. It is pH neutral and cleans with a unique blend of plant-based enzymes that rapidly biodegrades the surface clean. Even voids, clefting, nooks, and crannies stay clean without leaving a film or residue and without rinsing.

Mix 4 capfuls with 1 gallon water in a bucket, clean with mop (well wrung out for hardwood), no rinsing needed.

Complete Ingredients: Water, Pure & Fresh Enzymes™ blended from plants, coconut oil surfactant, Carmine natural color, and Orange essential oil fragrance. (16oz super concentrate)

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