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Houston Enzymes, TriEnza with DPP IV Activity - 180 Capsules

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Broad Spectrum Enzyme for General Digestive Support

  • Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan - Plant Enzymes
  • AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, & No-Fenol

Aids in digestion of proteins (including gluten, casein and soy), carbohydrates, sugars (including lactose), and fats. Provides a high level of DPP IV (dipeptidyl peptidase IV) activity, which aids in the breakdown of casomorphin (from casein) and gluteomorphin (from gluten).

Proper digestion is essential in order for your body to function optimally. When you eat‚ digestive enzymes help break down the carbohydrates‚ fats‚ sugar‚ starch‚ and other essential ingredients contained in food so it can be absorbed by your small intestine. If you have a shortage of these enzymes‚ you may not be able to absorb the nutrients that you need to stay healthy. This can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies‚ which can cause a host of health problems. Unpleasant and embarrassing digestive issues such as gas‚ bloating‚ belching‚ heartburn‚ indigestion‚ diarrhea‚ and constipation can also occur.

Although your body produces a certain amount of enzymes naturally and others come from the foods you eat‚ your enzyme levels can be depleted for several reasons. For example‚ food processing and preserving techniques may destroy many of the enzymes they contain. In addition‚ produce grown in depleted soil and treated with insecticides may be stripped of enzymes. You can get more enzymes by eating more natural foods and buying organic fruits and vegetables. However‚ this may not be enough‚ so you may want to take a supplement.

TriEnza with DPP IV Activity by Houston Enzymes works to give your digestive system a boost. It may help break down food proteins‚ sugars‚ and fats‚ in addition to casein and gluten. It also provides certain essential enzymes. Some of the ingredients contained in each capsule include:

  1. Peptidase (with DPP IV) is a hypoglycemic that supports healthy glucose levels.
  2. Xylanase breaks down fiber and converts into a sugar for energy.
  3. Protease 4.5 is an enzyme that helps digest proteins.
  4. Glucoamylase is an enzyme that helps digest starches.

One bottle of Houston Enzymes’ TriEnza with DPP IV Activity contains 180 capsules. Take two to four capsules per day with food. At the recommended dosage‚ each bottle should last from one-and-a-half to three months.

Houston Enzymes is dedicated to providing the best enzyme-containing supplements. Its formulations are based on customer feedback and over 25 years of research.

Direction of use

 2 capsules per meal or as needed. No upper limit has been established for enzyme dosing‚ and animal studies with similar enzymes found no toxicity at dosing as high as 2000 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day for 90 days. Most find using 2 to 4 capsules per meal adequate‚ and most likely no further benefits will occur with higher dosing‚ though more may be given for the infrequent and large food challenges. Each person is different so we encourage some experimentation to find the dose that best helps each person.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Peptidase with DPP IV 50‚000 HUT *

DPP IV 1200 DPPU *

Protease 800 65‚000 HUT *

Protease 6.0 25‚000 HUT *

Amylase 12‚000 DU *

Glucoamylase 25 AGU *

Alpha-galactosidase 200 GalU *

Xylanase 16‚000 XU *

Beta-glucanase 30 BGU *

Lactase 1500 ALU *

Lipase 200 FIP *

*Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Capsule composed of vegetable cellulose (from pine trees) and water. *Medium chain triglyceride oil‚ purified from coconut. Appx. 1 mg/capsule.

The oil keeps the enzyme dust compacted.
TriEnza is free of gluten‚ casein‚ soy‚ rice‚ MSG‚ salicylates‚ sugars‚ yeast‚ animal derivatives‚ and artificial colors. No filler.


Do not use if tamper-proof seal is broken. Keep container closed and store at room temperature or in freezer‚ but do not place in refrigerator due to humid conditions.

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