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Game Rider Gaming Bike and System

  • $599.99
  • $299.99

WHERE VIDEO GAME MEETS TOTAL BODY WORKOUT!!! Our newest bike designs are a breath of fresh air to the fitness and sporting goods industry. This exercise bike is featured as an interactive bike that pairs the fun of an arcade and the results from a gym all in the comfort of your home. Our patented gaming system allows you to control the speed and movement of your racing vehicle as you compete on the race track.

The resistance system on the Game Rider gives you a realistic race-driving feel, unlike standard video or computer games. Exercise becomes FUN as you burn rubber and calories on the virtual track! Great for anyone—young and old—who needs exercise, or wants to get in shape without the boring repetition! Can also be used as a standard exercise bike with programmable functions. The BGB300 has a sturdier frame and design than its sister model (BGB290).

Wireless connection to your own television - no messy game console cords! •PATENTED swiveling handle bars for complete gaming experience •Sleek and modern design •Great for kids and adults! No more boring workouts!!! •Large, easy-to-use LCD display with workout programs for non-interactive mode

Use this Gaming Bike  and cool with Large, easy-to-use LCD display with workout programs for non-interactive mode. you don't need go to the gym spending a thousand of thousand of dollars for joining a member,

used Gaming bike exercice at home anytime you want any moment.

Game Rider Gaming Bike and System

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