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Cognition Ignition - Dietary supplement - 60 Capsules

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About 70% of respondents felt good energy changes within one hour.

Doctors, PhD's, lawyers, business consultants,other professionals and anyone, notices that Cognition Ignition is very useful in facilitating good work days, extending useful working hours, all at a high level of functioning.

These testimonials provide stories from a cross-section of people who are discovering that repairing and restoring normal brain chemistry lights up their Mind, improves their life.

Naturally, not everyone responds in a
Disneyland manner! About 15-20% of people taking anything, feel nothing, will not respond well, or may experience unwanted effects. Just like peanuts, just like drugs. Your results and mileage may vary, but will not compete with strong
drugs in any contest for negative, adverse side effects!  Some folks get very energized even though no stimulants are added to Cognition Ignition.

Please, kindly consult with yourself also. Listen your system speaking to you.

After 30 years in the natural products industry and over 20 years of formulating dietary supplements of all kinds, I took a birds eye view of what is really needed now.  What is it?  Getting our Minds back!

This product needed to be different in concept, elegant and effective quickly. I formulated biochemical catalytic raw materials in the form of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, normal biological intermediates, with traditional botanicals and trace minerals. Combined, these are used in production of neurotransmitters that have been depleted, like dopamine and
nor-epinephrine; and stimulate the release of others like serotonin and oxytocin; improve oxygenation; circulation and energy production.

The botanicals also release and balance created neurotransmitters in a manner that compel users to mention:   'I can work longer with more useful hours', "I feel more focused", "I'm more alert", "My memory's getting better", "I've got a sense of real calmness". People who take Cognition Ignition are really amazed at the feelings it promotes -  "feeling truly good", "in the moment" and "feeling like yourself again".  This is Real Magic!

Because Cognition Ignition acts fast, about 70% of folks taking this dietary supplement are actually aware of a real and noticeable improvement in their well-being, within one hour, and with continual use, benefits just keep building.

  • Improved focus and staying on task.

  • Calm Alertness.

  • Relieving mental fatigue, and staying clear.

  •  Mental flexibility and Emotional Flexibility.

  • High stress work becomes much much smoother because you are relaxed and alert at the same time.

  • Your friends' and your own comments on how much better you begin to look and feel overall.  That's because it is happening!

  • Your posture and carriage improves, simply, as a matter of course. You really are stronger.

  • Memory improves and Cognitive Memories continually return allowing you to consciously use them to improve your life.

  • Perhaps you realize you don't need to smoke as much, if at all.

  • Physical strength and mental endurance improve so you easily get more done.

  • Sleep is better, and you love it because your Dreams are Lucid and pleasant, reflecting what is going on inside you.

  •  Brain fatigue goes away.  You get much more done everyday and have more time to play!  Have Fun!

  •  Anxious moments don't bother you.  You easily deal with them.

  •  You notice that each day is easier. Smooth Energy is available after work to continue enjoying life as it is given.

  •  Sports and physical activities benefit from increased focus and faster reflexes.

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