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Back-Order Policy

If you have order more than one items in your orders, Just in case When a single product is on backordered, we ship it out as soon as it is received. Once any backordered product has been in our warehouse for 90 -180 days, we automatically ship that product to you, along with any of your other backordered products that are in stock at that time. There is no extra charge and Absolutely free shipping.


What does it mean to be on backorder?
A customer order that cannot be filled when presented, and for which the customer is prepared to wait for some time. The percentage of items backordered and the number of backorder days are important measures of the quality of a company's customer service and the effectiveness of its inventory management.
What does it mean when a item is backordered?
The back ordered items in any order will automatically ship out as soon as we receive the item in the order which they were placed. You will be notified via a shipment confirmation email (and a tracking number) once your back ordered items have shipped.
Can I get Refund from some of item on my back-order list ?
Yes, just contact us by email at, we will process the refund to your card . it normally take 15-20 days.


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