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Apex Energetics - Neurotrans (KH42) - 1 oz

NeuroTrans is a homeopathic formulation designed to assist in mild anxiousness, focus, fatigue, memory and muscle movement.

Neurotrans™ Active is a homeopathic formula designed to balance neurotransmitter activity in the brain. This product may alleviate symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and difficulty focusing while promoting brain health.

Neurotrans™ Active provides support for key neurotransmitters with a specially designed homeopathic formula. Selected potencies of neurotransmitters work to enhance each other’s actions and create a unique balancing effect.

Suggested Use: Adults: Take 1-2 sprays under the tongue 1-3 times a day, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

Children: Use half the adult serving.

WARNING: As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using this product

GABA 6X 15X 30X
Dopamine 6X 15X 30X
Serotonin 6X 15X 30X
Epinephrine 6X 15X 30X
Acetylcholine 6X 15X 30X
Norepinephrine 6X 15X 30X

Water, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate (to maintain freshness).

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